What We Do

Services that Compass Playground Design and Construction Provide:
  • Listening to what you want.
  • Design
  • Concrete placing and texturing
  • Preparation and laying of artificial turf
  • Preparation and laying of softfall
  • Building of structures (decks, whares, bridges etc)
  • Landscaping and outdoor art installations
  • Sourcing plants/trees
We work with teachers to bring their ideas to fruition.

Mosaic in a Compass Playscape DesignThis mosaic was done by the teachers, we supplied and broke up the tiles and got the concrete ready (the boring part) and they did the design.

Sometimes we make play areas or whare structures which preschool staff have enhanced with driftwood or natural materials. At some playcentres or preschools shells have been used or they have painted kowhaiwhai patterns on the barge boards. This gives the early childhood centre ownership over the work.

We do not supply movable playground equipment but are happy to advise on any purchase you are considering. (We are totally independent of any of the companies that supply such equipment.)