Under Twos Area Rejuvenation

The Under Two Area was tired and in need of rejuvenating. Among the issues that needed addressing were water pooling on the grass area, a hard to access sandpit, and the desire for a bike track.

Compass Playgrounds Before Playground

Staff were keen to have textured concrete. Here a small “river” was created using glass beads.

Compass Playground River of Stones

A “House” was created so that play could flow around it. The intention of this structure was to avoid making the area too prescriptive thus allowing for freer play.

Compass Playgrounds House

A view through the window.

Compass Playgrounds View through Window

The existing hill was refurbished and several different sets of steps installed. An area for sitting at the top was created with rocks and grasses. The slope was designed to be gentle so babies can crawl up and toddlers can manage the steps.

Compass Playgrounds Hill and Steps

A small Whare was constructed. This was made to the right proportions for the under two age group.

Compass Playgrounds Whare for Under Twos

This sandpit storage box was custom made to fit the baskets the centre keeps its sandpit toys in.

Compass Playgrounds Sandpit Storage Box