Sensory Garden

The sensory garden incorporated features such as this stepping stone path which has been planted with ground cover including several different types of thyme.

Compass Playgrounds Sensory Garden

The manuka pergola will support a clematis.

Compass Playgrounds Manuka Pergola

Edible herbs were used in this area. The centre’s logo was recreated in the mosaic and custom made stepping stones were incorporated.

Compass Playgrounds Edible Herbs

This custom made paver allowed for a small pool to be created.

Compass Playgrounds Custom Made Paver

The sensory area incorporates plants chosen for texture, taste and smell. Stone chip was used to provide a different texture underfoot. Flagstones and custom made pavers were also used to provide variety and interest. A very simple whare provides a place for sitting in this quiet area.

Compass Playgrounds Simple Whare